Beaujeleux (she’s Boo to us) has serious potential to be a top quality horse in any of the English disciplines. Her breeding: her grandsire, Kennedy, is known for producing quality riding horses with impressive gaits and good temperaments. Her temperament: she has a work ethic like no other and a strong desire to please the rider. She is calm, level-headed, and sweet. She loves attention and being doted on. Her movement: She gets ‘9’s’ on gaits in the competition ring, with an impressive amount of loft and cadence to her trot and canter. Her experience: owned by professionals her whole life, she has been correctly started with classic methods to ensure the preservation of her mind and body. She had competed in both the pure dressage ring (with scores up to 72%) and has recently made her debut into the eventing world! She was 2nd at her very first event scoring a 20.5 on dressage and jumping with no penalties! With serious presence in the dressage ring, and currently schooling the mid-2nd level movements (simple changes, counter canter, shoulder-in/haunches in etc), she will impress the judges with her ride-ability and cadence. A bold, honest, and powerful jumper, she shows great potential as an event horse (Loves water!!) or a pure jumper. The back oxer in the free-jump video is 4’6″, and she is currently schooling courses up to 2’9″. She is wonderful in new places; calm, happy, relaxed and obedient. She hacks out like a lady on the buckle, is great in the barn. Completely sound, with great legs and feet. A seriously quality horse, she will continue to develop into a winning competitor in any direction; a sweet and generous mare, Boo will make a rewarding and enjoyable partner for the rider seeking that perfect package of breeding, brains, and movement!

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